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Mia @ America Airline Business Lounge,Heathrow Airport,London - June 2016

Thursday, 18 August 2016

New Forest: Brockenhurst Day 1

Some posts rely on fewer words but greater pictures to tell good stories. 
This is one of its kind.

Today, I would like to share with you, our trip to a beautiful country town in New Forest, called "BROCKENHURST".

Always great to begin your journey on the First Class cabin.

Set in a delightful forest environment, Brockenhurst has roads and rail communications from the cities.

The air smells fresh. Ponies are spotted from afar.

Making our way to "our bedroom" for the night. 
Many beautiful cottages and native trees along the way.

Our B&B cottage - Daisybank Cottage.

Dropped off the luggages, but our room was not ready.
 Making our way to nearby town for lunch.
More ponies and cows on the way.

The very colourful village centre.
A lot of local shops supporting a lot of local produce. 
Good sign indeed!

On our way back to the cottage. Our room should be ready by now.

Foxglove and buttercups on the side of the roads are very beautiful.

Have you seen the real holly berries before?

Inside our B&B cottage. Our bedroom is on the left.

A very pleasing looking garden box outside our room.
Dozens of bumble bees were seen bobbing around the flowers.
But they don't attack. They are friendly.

Inside our room, this is how it looks like:

Homemade cupcakes to welcome our arrival.
Milk churn contains our breakfast order ready to be placed outside.

Daisybank Cottage's guidebook on what to do in New Forest.
The book is made out of the local woods.
Wish I could take it home. But I must leave it for the next traveller.

Ponies, mules, deers and cows roam at will in this village.
A very friendly environment for the wild animals.

It is funny how such great happiness can be gained through such short simple country getaway.

Wish I could do it more often. Will share more in the next post.